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    The first Network for athletes, operators and professionals in the Sport Business.

A Network reserved for Sport Business

The world of Sport has undergone a rapid evolution in recent decades, forcing sports clubs, athletes and operators to adapt and conform quickly to developments related to economic and financial, commercial, communication and of course sports factors. the standard tools available are no longer sufficient to maintain control and management of the business.

LEAGUELINKS was born as an innovative communication tool reserved for all players in the Sport Business. Developed by CEO Marco Viezzoli and the IPS Europe team, LEAGUELINKS puts in direct communication all the main players in sport, from athletes to sports clubs to companies and sports agents. A platform that provides specific information on athletes, live streaming of the main national and local competitions, updated information on clubs and sports.

LEAGUELINKS is a platform that you can use to improve your professional networking activities, to grow your contacts and find job, career and business opportunities.

LEAGUELINKS is the first network reserved for professionals and operators in the field of sport. A specialized platform that embraces and encompasses all sports disciplines at a professional and semi-professional level, offering a direct line of communication between athletes, associations, companies and operators in the sector.

LEAGUELINKS allows athletes, coaches and athletic trainers to have their own technical profile to promote their business. They can access the profiles of other athletes, sports associations, check the presence of tournaments and events, get in touch with agents, companies and sports clubs, communicating quickly and directly with the sports operators of interest thanks to an integrated system of "unified communication ".

LEAGUELINKS puts in constant and continuous contact the operators of the Sport Business allowing a rapid interaction between all the actors and a constant updating in the sector of interest. LEAGUELINKS is an extremely powerful and flexible tool, perfect for companies that want to promote their services and products in a specific market, for sports companies and clubs that want to promote their business, for athletes, referees, sports attorneys and for all sports operators in general who seek to expand their business with new activities and opportunities.


 Developed for simple and direct use by all users and from every platform, LEAGUELINKS is accessible on www.leaguelinks.com and is available on IOS and Android smartphones, downloadable on Apple Store and on Google Play Store .


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