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    European distributor of electronic components from the major world suppliers.

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IPS Europe is one of the leading global suppliers of electronic components, in close contact with agents and partners all over the world. The ability to analyze and optimize the most important strategic processes in the procurement area allows us to offer much more than the simple supply of components.

Our goal is to support entrepreneurs with a proactive approach and with complete support in the management of the supply chain. We work closely with our customers, becoming, in fact, real partners as well as suppliers.

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IPS Europe offers a flexible approach to procurement challenges and rapid decision making by ensuring effective and cutting-edge solutions. An offer aimed at satisfying market demands and to guarantee continuity and a level of service at the highest levels, regardless of the size or location of their business.

IPS Europe is a private company that does not respond to shareholders but to its customers, placing them at the center of its business and providing a high quality personalized service, regardless of their size.

With an extensive network of suppliers, IPS Europe helps its customers manage market conditions, continue to fulfill their commitments and grow their business. Independence from a specific supplier offers IPS Europe the possibility and flexibility to always find the best solution for each specific need.

Fast decision-making processes, flexible solutions and a team with high experience in the electronics sector ensure IPS Europe as the ideal partner for its customers.


"Our growth is constant in line with the success of our customers"


Market volatility provides CEMs and OEMs with regular supply challenges from within the authorized distributor network that can slow production or even stop production lines. Our ability to source electronic components globally allows us to find what you need when you need it, keeping your supply chain moving and driving product sales.

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