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    StarLeaf partner for the most advanced cloud videoconference and telepresence solutions for companies.

High-performance cloud videoconferencing solutions

StarLeaf is the platform for companies that allows you to get a "meeting" experience anywhere and on any device, with chat, call history and reminder for upcoming meetings. With a single touch, you can quickly start a new meeting or immediately join a scheduled one.

A platform that guarantees security at the highest levels, with ISO / IEC 27001 certification - the industry's leading security certification, to protect your data and your interlocutors.

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Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, StarLeaf is the reference company for the supply of solutions for business meetings able to guarantee the highest levels in terms of service, security and support.

The StarLeaf solution is the simplest and most intuitive professional platform to make every meeting quick and easy.

The StarLeaf platform works on all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) and with all video conferencing providers and integrates with existing apps, tools and technologies of the main software suppliers.

StarLeaf offers:

  • Ease of use to start, schedule, attend and host a meeting;
  • Perfect integration with existing companies work flows;
  • A premium experience, without problems of any kind: it just works!

StarLeaf servers are hosted and managed directly by the manufacturer to allow the platform to offer each company the reliability and performance needed.

StarLeaf guarantees:

  • Data center and technical assistance all over the world;
  • Guarantee on the jurisdiction of the data, to keep the data under the control of the individual company;
  • Industry-leading 99.999% uptime SLA.

Security has always been a top priority for StarLeaf developers and it is integrated into the "core" of the platform.

StarLeaf is:

  • Secure by design, with clear and open-source security protocols;
  • ISO / IEC 27001 certified (the highest reference standard in the data security sector);
  • Jurisdiction guarantee: choose where your data resides!

A complete meeting service that integrates perfectly with the way each company works and that is designed to offer a very high ROI.

StarLeaf integrates with corporate apps such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google, Slack and more and offers complete and highly automated management and monitoring with unique data-driven insights, dashboards and usage reports.



StarLeaf offers cloud-based video conferencing services and collaboration tools that create real value for the company. Whether it's individual video calls, small online meetings, large Web conferences or team chats, StarLeaf solutions are designed to improve productivity and provide seamless collaboration.

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